An iceberg is 90% below water. The best tools including software are a joy to use because the non essential details are hidden below the surface. The visible parts help you get things done flawlessly and efficiently. This is extremely important in music where tools can often get in the way of being creative.

Creating software like that is a labour of love. It requires dedication, specific domain knowledge and deep work to get right. Iceberg Audio is the culmination of my life long passion for audio and music, and a 6 year journey to create an innovative audio company that works by these principles.

We launched in September 2020 with our first product The Sub in collaboration with Davide Gubitoso (The Golden Army). Since then Davide and I have continued to work together on expansions for The Sub, Beatgrader and most recently Sub Cut.

Support and quality are extremely important. We investigate every issue and aim to respond to every comment we get sent. So please get in touch, we're here to help.

Philip Mackenzie

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