808 Box 2 Expansion Pack

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808 Box 2 Expansion Pack

16 Apr 2021    |    by Philip Mackenzie     |    SHARE:    

808 Box 2 is a new expansion of 808s for The Sub.

These 12 808s were created by The Golden Army and have a bit more grit than Box 1.

My two favourites are Shovel and Wagon - instant attitude!

Check out the demo:

808 Box 2 contains 12 new subs:

Blanket, Cube, Deodorant, Dragon, Helmet, Magnet, Ocean, Ring, Shovel, Tooth Pick, Wagon and Warzone.

808 Box 2 requires a full version of The Sub and is activated/downloaded via a licence key in the Expansions menu inside The Sub.

808 Box 2 is also available as part of The Sub Bundle

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