Black Friday 2021

The Sub

Black Friday 2021

17 Nov 2021    |    by Philip Mackenzie     |    SHARE:    

Our Black Friday sale runs until 5th December 2021.

$49 - The Sub Bundle (-55%)

The Sub with 7 expansions (includes Nuclear Booms, Fuzzy Waves)

$25 - The Sub Expansions (-50%)

5 expansions for The Sub (includes Nuclear Booms, Fuzzy Waves)

$6.50 - Individual Expansion Packs (-35%)

Individual expansions for The Sub

$9.50 - Beatgrader (-50%)

Our latest effect plugin for lo-fi/underwater

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New Expansions!

As part of Black Friday we are launching 2 new expansions, Fuzzy Waves and Nuclear Booms! Both are available on special offer.

Fuzzy Waves - Subs with higher frequency harmonics to cut through the mix

Nuclear Booms - Explosive tuned impacts for adding big moments to your track

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