VST3/AU Effect Plugin
Sub Cut lets you apply precise low cuts under 220Hz.
Remove unwanted sub bass or make room when layering bass sounds.
AUTO mode analyses audio in real-time and continually adjusts the cut by following the notes of your source material.
Isolate problematic frequencies in your mix or in your studio. Click on the waveform to quickly flip between your audio and test tones while adjusting your cut.
Automatically adjust your cut
In AUTO mode Sub Cut will analyse the incoming audio and follow the notes of your source material.
Auto mode adjusts the cutoff automatically to maximise the amount of low frequency energy removed.
Choose from Fast, Default and Slow modes to suit your material.
AUTO Enabled
Low frequency only
Sub Cut is different to general purpose EQs. The filters have been fine tuned for 220Hz and below to provide accurate cuts that feel right to musical ears.
Choose from 3 rolloff frequencies. Each has been calibrated to produce a rolloff that is both pleasing and leaves the remaining material clean and uncoloured.
Match the key of your source material. Choose cutoffs by note (e.g. G2) and Sub Cut will only start rolling off below that note.
Unprocessed Piano F Major
Sub Cut set to F with steep rolloff
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DAW Support: Ableton Live, FL Studio, Logic, Cubase, Studio One and more
Compatible with Mac OS 10.10 and higher and Windows 10
Available as VST3 and AU
Internet connection required for activation

   One licence/purchase covers all your computers
   No iLok required
   Fully functional 14 day trial