Please read the FAQ below. If that does not answer your question the please contact us via the contact form or e-mail [email protected].


Beatgrader appears in My Account with The Sub. If you can't see your licence for The Sub plugin then you need to add that first.

Click 'Add Licence Key' and enter in your licence key for The Sub. Beatgrader will be added automatically.
Yes. An internet connection is required for connection. Offline activation is not currently supported.

No, a licence applies to an individual. You can use The Sub on all computers you use to make music.

We operate a fair use policy and we reserve the right to cancel a licence if we believe it has been activated an excessive number of times. It is very unlikely that you will reach this limit if you are like us and have your plugins installed on a few different computers for convenience.

Our plugins are AU and VST3 compatible on MacOS and VST3 compatible on Windows.

We test with Logic, FLStudio, Ableton, Cubase and Studio One. Other DAWs are reported to work well too. If in doubt install the demo first.

Note that Garageband is not currently supported.

Yes. Please e-mail [email protected] with your paypal details and we will send you a request for payment.

Please state if you would like to pay in US Dollars ($), Euro (€) or British Pounds (£).

There is now an Add Licence option in My Account to add licence keys you bought on other websites.

Your licence key will be verified automatically and added to your account.

If verification fails for any reason just e-mail the licence key to [email protected] and we'll add it for you.

Our plugins are supplied as VST3 on Windows and VST3/AU on MacOS.

Some DAWs such as Reason and MPC Akai Software 2 do not yet support VST3. You won't be able to use our plugins in those DAWs.

Similarly Ableton only introduced VST3 support in 10.1 (2019) so if you are on a previous version that only supports VST2s you may also have problems.

The reason we don't supply a VST2 version is that Steinberg will not issue a VST2 licence to new manufacturers like us. Steinberg see VST2 as obsolete technology and are trying to get the industry to continue adoption of VST3. VST3 is actually 10+ years old now but VST2 has remained popular.

There are some plugins out there that will allow you to load a VST3 plugin into a VST2 host but you will need to experiment in order to find the right solution for your setup.

It's worth noting that many manufacturers are updating their plugins to support new Apple silicon in 2021 and you may see some plugin manufacturers dropping VST2 support.

The Sub is supplied as a VST3 on Windows and a VST3/AU on MacOS.

DLLs were used for VST2 plugins on Windows, but The Sub is only supplied as a VST3.

VST3 plugins have the file extension .vst3 and are installed to the default location for VST3s.

In the vast majority of cases you should not need to specify a manual path location to load a VST3.

On Windows The Sub is installed to:

<your drive>/Program Files/Common Files/VST3/The Sub.vst3

On MacOS The Sub is installed to:


/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST3/The Sub.vst3


/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components/The Sub.component

Are you using Garageband? Garageband is not currently supported.

Things to check:

Have you scanned for new plugins?

Most DAWs require you to perform a plugin scan before it will pick up a new plugin.

Are you loading it as an Instrument?

The Sub is loaded as an Instrument/Generator/Synth in your DAW.

The Sub is not an effect/FX.

Are you using a host that only supports VST2?

The Sub is supplied as a VST3 on Windows and a VST3/AU on MacOS.

VST2 is not supported (see other FAQ for detailed reason why).

This typically happens when trying to load The Sub into a DAW that has not yet adopted VST3 (e.g. Ableton versions before v10.1 (2019), Reason, Akai MPC Software 2).

Tried all that and still not working?

E-mail: [email protected]

We are working on a native M1 build of The Sub. In the meantime the x86 version of The Sub will probably work fine on M1 - but we're classifying it as beta support - no guarantees.

A bit of background...

Lots of software written for Intel Macs can work on M1 due to an automatic conversion process called Rosetta 2. Rosetta works by converting x86 CPU instructions to M1. In some cases this does not work or performance is bad and developers have to build native versions for the M1 chip. Ultimately most developers will probably move towards having native M1 builds of their products.

We are in the process of building a custom version of The Sub for M1 but initial testing shows that the Rosetta 2 translation of The Sub is working. This has not been exhaustive testing and there could be performance issues, so please consider it beta support at present. Also note that many DAWs are still going through the process of officially supporting M1.

We'll let you know when we have fully tested native M1 builds available.

(13 April 2021)
Activation requires an internet connection so please ensure you don't have a firewall blocking the connection.

For the vast majority of people activation is instantaneous and just works. You only need to activate once on a computer and you should not have to repeat the process. If this is not what you are seeing then get in touch.

We have seen a couple of rare cases on MacOS systems where user permissions are incorrect and preventing The Sub from activating and downloading expansions. If you think you have this problem contact [email protected] and we'll help you investigate.
We don't yet provide an AAX version of The Sub but some users report they are getting good results using Blue Cat's PatchWork to load The Sub in Protools.