Save up to 55%.

$49 for The Sub with 7 expansions.

New expansions also available.

Create huge moments in your music or film project with Nuclear Booms, a new expansion pack for The Sub.

Bring your bassline alive on smaller speaker systems using The Sub and Fuzzy Waves.

Thank you for supporting our first year as an independent audio company. We're giving away a new plugin called Beatgrader to say thank you.

The Sub is now available as a bundle with all expansions.

Save when you buy The Sub and all expansions.

Analog Heat is a new collection of warm analog subs inspired by the heat of the Italian summer!

Submarine 2 is a new free expansion pack for The Sub by The Golden Army.

808 Box 2 is a new expansion of 808s for The Sub.

We're delighted to announce a major update to The Sub!

The Sub now supports expansion packs and an optional white skin. It's also resizable and better on retina screens.

v1.0.5 of The Sub adds Control Lock.

Control Lock lets you lock your settings (e.g. Drive, Glide, ADSR, Extra Attack, etc) while you audition different sounds.

Plugin Boutique are the leading distributor of the highest quality plugins in audio. We're delighted to be working with them on this release and future products.

Check out their review of The Sub.

Gubi and Phil discuss their collaboration on The Sub.

Phil talks about Iceberg Audio, the development of The Sub and building minimal plugins.

The Sub was recently reviewed in the Appetite for Production podcast.
Check out what the guys have to say about our minimal approach to plugins! was one of the first new outlets to feature The Sub just after launch which was really exciting for us after keeping the project under wraps for so long!

Introducing The Sub from Iceberg Audio, by Davide Gubitoso and Philip Mackenzie.
In this video Davide takes you through the basics of The Sub and how to apply it to a typical track.